Kung Fu Club - Students' Area

Welcome to the student area of Kung-Fu-Club. You are now on your path to enlightenment, where you will need to ‘empty your cup’ of knowledge to allow me to fill it with whatever I see fit!

The student area is open to members, and attendees of Kung-Fu-Clubs Thursday class, and is arranged by grade.

Once signed up you will have access to videos and information on syllabus techniques for your next, and previous grades to keep you on top of your training outside of class, and help you get ready for your next grade.

Kung Fu

“If planning for a year, sow rice. If planning for a decade, plant trees. If planning for a lifetime, educate people” – Chinese Proverb

Kung Fu lessons and classes: High Wycombe, Bourne End, Marlow, Kickboxing lessons and classes: Marlow, Bourne End, Chesham, Hazlemere, Thame, Langley, Bracknell